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It is an honor to start this phase of ALMAR with a special section dedicated to the exciting Real Estate world, seen from the social angle, with purpose, awareness, sustainability values, and interest in leaving a better world than the one received. We understand New Luxury as living with passion and intensity but with love and respect for the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

 From this space, we will present to you articles and properties that link Real Estate with this love for care and respect for the planet. "Real Estate With Soul" defines us as a group that puts its heart ahead in its real estate practice and is guided by a love of neighbor: clients, investors, and collaborators.

In this edition, we share an interview with Arch. Mateo Mornaghini, who has perfectly coined the concept "Return on Wellness" (ROW) in the design and construction of a beautiful residence in Puerto Morelos, we talked with him about the project and the reasons he had to consider doing it with such characteristics of sustainability. An interesting article that we hope you like and motivates you to look for these characteristics in your future real estate investments. ROW is also the New Luxury. 

We also present to you some properties that comply to a greater or lesser extent with these characteristics of ROW and that we consider excellent investment opportunities. We hope you enjoy this as much as we have enjoyed doing it in collaboration.


A reference building in construction and sustainable design. 

Within one of the most exclusive municipalities of Monterrey, San Pedro Garza García, is Torre Sofia. An emblematic mixed-use development, which has been built complying with the guidelines of a Leed Certification, is the most widely used classification system in the world that verifies that the processes have strategies aimed at improving their environmental performance.

With 154 meters high and 39 floors, it is one of the pioneering buildings in Mexico to be designed proactively, combining new technologies and sustainable techniques that respect international standards regarding the efficient use of resources, the implementation of recycled materials, and suppliers in the region. Among them is a cement mixture that was specially created by Cemex for this project, to reduce the carbon footprint. 

It is also characterized by its engineering and intelligent systems such as the Building Management System, which manages and controls all vital functions of the development, ensuring the balance between environmental conditions, energy uses, and operational requirements. It has quality monitoring and treatment of outdoor air indoors with injections that replace it every five hours, reducing pathogens and improving natural cross ventilation

Finally, it is characterized because its landscaping protects the habitat of the property, with trees that were rescued and replanted, reusing rainwater for irrigation through tanks and pumps that help minimize water consumption by 50%.



Casa Playa Paraíso, Riviera Maya: Our home, the core and foundation of our wellness

We talked with Matteo Mornaghini, the architect who designed and built this spectacular residence a few steps away from the beach at the Riviera Maya. A house with design, materials and finishes thought not only for the comfort of its inhabitants but also to take into consideration energy consumption saving and respect for the ecosystem, promoting and empowering the quality of life through its spaces, making the surroundings part of the experience.

A passive design whose main purpose is to make the most of the proximity with nature and solar energy. Its architecture combines native materials with a Mediterranean style and high-quality furnishing. Matteo visualized superb interior spaces with heights ranging from three to nine meters and blended harmoniously with the exterior, generating pleasant gathering spaces and contact with nature.A system of 36 solar panels was installed to feed the property and optimize resources and energy consumption. Double-glazed windows that maximize thermal and acoustic isolation and provide natural lighting. The studio is a wide-glazed space where the gorgeous garden views are the protagonists and inspire us to create other great projects that integrate nature and prioritize care for the environment and our planet. The new architecture is aware of the surroundings and the use of natural resources. It encourages energy 

savings, recyclable materials, and return on wellness as part of the efforts that people around the world are making toward a better world. Matteo is one of these persons, and we thank him for opening the doors of this amazing house to us

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Carbonwave’s mission 

Aligns with our purpose of leaving a better world to the future generations, as part of the new wave of triple-impact corporations which contribute to the economy,  sustainability and the fight against climate change through innovative technology and a wide range of products made of components obtained from the oceans in a regenerative way.

Carbonwave was founded in 2020 to transform the emergency of sargassum into an opportunity. Soon, the first low-carbon, sustainably harvested products were brought to market. These types of products contribute to creating a circular economy by transforming a pollutant into goods for local and international use.

It all started with the creation of Grupo ENSOL Caribe, a subsidiary dedicated to the sustainable collection of sargassum. The company collaborates with hotels, associations, and authorities to protect the shores of Quintana Roo. Next, Carbonwave’s laboratories, located in Mexico and Puerto Rico,developed products that replace toxic petroleum-based ralternatives to improve industry standards and reduce emissions.

The starting point was the production of organic agricultural fertilizers that regenerate ecosystems, as well as emulsifiers for cosmetics, and a vegan leather for the fashion industry. The next launch will be a technology to print 3D objects made  from sargassum. This device will make it possible to create long-lasting goods, such as kitchen accessories, bathrooms, lighting, tableware, furniture, and decorative items.

Carbonwave invites us to get to know the full story behind these products, which will have about 10th of  the carbon footprint of  traditional ones.

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Trends 2023. Sophisticated, intelligent, and sustainable kitchens.

The center of a home and a space that inspires creativity and encounter. A sustainable kitchen is one that not only benefits the environment, but also the health and quality of life of all family members.

The sophisticated design of these spaces begins with the selection and effective use of innovative materials with natural essence that are versatile and modern. Knowing their origin, durability, components with which they are made and where they will end up when they fulfill their useful life.


The search for practicality for this social and gastronomic place, has as protagonist the islands or bars. Where quartz countertops stand out, a material friendly to the ecosystem, because they do not emit polluting particles in their production and maintain water use processes. Its main advantages are its great hardness and resistance, as well as being extremely hygienic. This natural stone illuminates providing elegance to the kitchen, and in turn do not allow porosities, nor absorb liquids contributing to the accumulation of bacteria on the surface.


Another trend in the creation of this space of coexistence is the distribution open to the outside, taking advantage of the views, lighting and natural ventilation. Similarly, the selection of appliances to save energy and water also play a very important role, since these account for more than 60% of domestic electricity consumption, we must opt for those that reduce consumption.

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